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As biological as the pulp tissue

Product description

Bioceramic root canal sealer


Root canal filling in permanent dentition in combination with gutta-percha cones.


  • Biocompatible: fast tissue recovery without causing inflammatory reactions.
  • High radiopacity: great radiographic visualization.
  • Excellent flow: allows the obturation of accessory canals.
  • Setting expansion: perfect root canal sealing.
  • Ca2+ Release : assists in rapid bone regeneration, cementum formation, and lesions repair.
  • Paste-to-paste system: easy to manipulate.
  • Adequate working time: allows its use by endodontists and general practitioner.
  • Resin-based: easy to remove with gutta-percha solvents.
Ref. 826 - MTA based root canal sealer (paste/paste)
Ref. 827 - MTA based root canal sealer (paste/paste) automix syringe
Ref. 8288 - 2 tubes of 12g (7.2g base paste and 4.8g catalyst paste and 1 manipulation block).
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