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Higher performance in fewer sessions

Product description

Bioceramic paste for intracanal dressing


- Intracanal medication in endodontic treatment of teeth
with pulp necrosis and retreatments;

- Intracanal medication in cases of perforations and external and internal resorptions, previously to the use of BIO-C REPAIR, MTA REPAIR HP and MTA ANGELUS;

- Incomplete rhizogenesis.

- Trauma cases.


- Gradual release of Ca2+: Does not require constant changes like calcium hydroxide;

- Biocompatible: Absence of postoperative pain due to the presence of salicylate

- High alkalinity: Eliminates bacteria due to high pH

- Easy to remove: Clinical time optimization;

- High radiopacity: Great radiographic visualization.

Ref. 2833 - Packing with 4 syringes of 0,5g with 20 intracanal tips.
Ref. 2822 - Packing with 1 syringe of 0,5g with 5 intracanal tips.
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