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More than biocompatible!

Product description

Ready-to-use bioceramic reparative material (putty).


- Treatment of perforation of root or furcation by canal;
- Treatment of perforation of root or furcation surgically;
- Treatment of internal resorption via canal;
- Treatment of external or communicating internal resorption surgically;
- Retrofilling in paraendodontic surgery;
- Direct and indirect pulp capping;
- Apicification;
- Apicigenesis;
- Pulpotomy;
- Pulp regeneration.


  • Ready-to-use/putty: Easy to use and insert into cavity;
  • High release of calcium ions: Stimulates tissue regeneration;
  • High alkalinity (ph~12): Bactericidal action;
  • Setting expansion and Chemical adhesion to dentin: Prevents bacterial infiltration;
  • Radiopacifier Zirconium Oxide: High radiopacity and does not stain;
  • Hydrophilic: Absorbs moisture from the environment, starting the setting process;
  • Non-toxic: Does not contain heavy metals;
  • Non-resin composition: Allows use in humid media without loss of properties, especially in surgeries where the humidity control of the operative site is difficult;
  • Average particulate size (~2 microns): Greater reactivity, accelerating the healing process.

Ref. 3863 - Packing with 4 syringes of 0,5g
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